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Daleville Overlook Project

Delaware County Regional Wastewater District is working on a new project in Daleville, Indiana. This project will provide sanitary sewer service to residents on Overlook Drive. DCRWD currently serves some of the residents on Overlook Drive between West Mound Road and Wild Cherry. This project would allow us to serve an additional 11-1

2 households or lots East of West Mound Road on Overlook Drive that were previously unserviceable due to the slope and terrain of the existing ground.The District’s engineering team is currently finalizing the design of this project. The funding was provided and approved by our Delaware County Commissioners and their American Rescue Plan. Now until early Spring expect to see us and consultants on site.Please keep posted for a public

hearing notice where you will be able to hear from the Board, Engineers, Attorneys, and staff as well as ask any questions. The public is also welcome to join our monthly board meetings on the first Wednesday of every month in the Delaware County Commissioner's Court Room.

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