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DCRWD and Muncie Sanitary District Forge a 25-Year Long-Term Partnership

MUNCIE, DELAWARE COUNTY - The Delaware County Regional Wastewater District (DCRWD) and the Muncie Sanitary District are pleased to announce the signing of a groundbreaking 25-year long-term contract, solidifying a mutually beneficial partnership for all parties involved.

Under this agreement, DCRWD will continue to use a portion of the Muncie Sanitary District's wastewater treatment facility and infrastructure for the treatment of the Royerton and Desoto customers sanitary flow.

The partnership agreement also includes a provision that guarantees a justified rate calculation methodology for any future rate changes. This crucial clause ensures that the rates charged to DCRWD clients will always be fair, transparent, and reflective of the actual costs involved. Both DCRWD and the Muncie Sanitary District are committed to maintaining affordability while delivering top-notch wastewater treatment services.

Furthermore, the contract secures DCRWD access to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for all necessary maintenance and operational purposes. "It’s great that we can finally put this one to bed. The Board and Committee Members at DCRWD worked extremely hard trying to find an outcome that gave our ratepayers the greatest opportunities today while still looking into the future,” stated Jason Richards, Executive Director of DCRWD.

The Delaware County Regional Wastewater District and the Muncie Sanitary District share a common goal of providing environmentally responsible wastewater treatment services while safeguarding public health and the region's natural resources. This landmark partnership exemplifies their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.

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